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Donate to RIFTA so that the creative arts can continue to thrive in America.


The RIFTA mission is to create the opportunity for artists and resources to intersect.


"Art is taking those things that lie in deep, and sometimes sad and dark places, and translating them to the senses." - John Claborn
The creative artist is a unique member of society, they see and experience the abstract, but must operate within the practical realm to sustain themselves and their profession. RIFTA was born out of this paradox. The ability to operate in multiple environments can be overwhelming, particularly for minority and non-traditional creators.  RIFTA is here to assist with:
  • Removing barriers to entry

  • Providing access to technical resources

  • Providing access to professional support

We want to enable creative individuals to receive funding for studio time, exhibition fees, transportation to events, state of the art equipment, legal and financial services, and all of the day to day activities needed to successfully create. 

How our funding works:


RIFTA recipients are identified in three ways:

  • Recommendations from organizations or institutions

  • Direct solicitation by individuals

  • RIFTA search activities

Funding is provided based on specific needs. Funding may be in the form of direct payments to recipients or payment to service providers.

RIFTA Program for Black Filmmakers

This program focuses on assisting African American filmmakers complete visual arts projects. RIFTA will provide funding for projects at any stage of production, to assist in bringing the final product to market. The purpose of any creative endeavor is to present content to its intended audience. Far too often, African American talent is stifled at the final stages of practically bringing their creation to market.

RIFTA will accept written applications for projects requiring assistance. The applicant must submit a written request that includes:

  • Applicant name and contact information

  • The type of project

  • Description of the project content

  • Description of the financial need requested and how funds will be used

  • Projected completion date and method of distribution

  • Any other data that could assist is selection

Partner Highlight

Let The Beat Build Foundation

RIFTA contact info:

email -

ph 945-300-7526

P.O. Box 292324
Lewisville, TX 75029

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